Radeon 7600 XT Review | Radeon 7600 XT offers peace of mind via lots of RAM, remains a midrange GPU

We do not want a lengthy intro for this one: AMD’s new Radeon RX 7600 XT is nearly precisely the equal as closing year’s RX 7600, however with a slight bump to the GPU’s clock velocity and 16GB of reminiscence as an alternative of 8GB. It additionally fees $329 as a substitute of $269, the modern-day MSRP (and present day road price) for the ordinary RX 7600.

It’s a card with a tremendously slim goal audience: humans who are concerned about shopping for a GPU with 8GB of memory, but who are not concerned adequate about future-proofing or RAM necessities to purchase a greater effective GPU. It’s priced fairly well, at least—$60 is a lot to pay for greater memory, however $329 was once the MSRP for the Radeon RX 6600 again in 2021. If you favor extra reminiscence in a current-generation card, you in any other case usually want to bounce up into the $450 vary (for the 12GB RX 7700 XT or the 16GB RTX 4060 Ti) or beyond.

The reality of the remember is that this is the identical silicon we have already seen. The clock pace bumps do grant a small across-the-board overall performance uplift, and the affect of the greater RAM does grow to be obvious in a few of our tests. But the card would not basically alter the AMD-vs-Nvidia-vs-Intel dynamic in the $300-ish snap shots card market, although it addresses a couple of the normal RX 7600’s most obtrusive weaknesses.

Power utilization is without difficulty the RX 7600 XT’s Achilles heel (bearing in thought the trendy caveats about trusting software-provided energy utilization figures, and evaluating software-reported electricity utilization figures between distinct GPU generations and manufacturers; we have faith these numbers to be generally correct, however they might also now not be precise). The XFX mannequin we examined used round 30 W extra electricity than the everyday RX 7600 in our Borderlands test, a 17 percentage amplify for what is genuinely now not a 17 percentage make bigger in performance.

To put it in context, this 7600 XT makes use of about the identical quantity of strength as a ordinary GeForce 4070, and the 4070’s overall performance is in a specific league. AMD does at least proceed to seem relatively excellent in contrast to Intel’s Arc A770, which has very comparable electricity utilization and is the solely different way to get a new GPU in the low $300 fee vary with 16GB of RAM. Intel’s Arc card persistently beats AMD’s ray-tracing performance, and it can come shut to the 7600 XT’s velocity in DirectX 12 games, however DirectX eleven video games in specific stay a susceptible factor for the structure even with the very ultra-modern drivers installed.

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